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Charleston Field Trip Ideas

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The 2019-2020 school year is in full swing and as fall moves in and the last vestiges of summer fade over the horizon, Charleston Harbor Cruises wants to remind you of all the awesome field trips that are available in the Charleston area. As both the oldest and largest city in the state of South Carolina, Charleston is bursting with history and offers an endless amount of fun and educational field trip ideas for school children of all ages.

Near the midpoint of the South Carolina coastline, Charleston is known for its rich history and well-preserved architecture—all of which can be learned about in one of the many outings offered by Charleston Harbor Tours. All of the tours are educational and invigorating and get the students outside, and into a stimulating environment that is sure to be a field trip they’ll never forget.

Charleston Harbor Tour

This 90-minute tour puts students on board the Carolina Belle and teaches them the rich history of the Holy City. Students will see over 75 landmarks and points of interest, and the boat captain will narrate the history, sights, and facts about Charleston Harbor as you pass locations critical to United States history.

Students will get close up views of Charleston’s most famous and charming sights, including:

  • Fort Sumter—one of the city’s most popular landmarks, where the first shos of the Civil War were fired
  • Confederate and Union army forts Moultrie and Johnson
  • The USS Yorktown, the famous World War II “Fighting Lady”
  • Michael’s Church– a survivor of both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, whose steeple was painted black so as not to be an easy target
  • Stately homes on the battery—great symbols of southern elegance and perseverance
  • Cooper River bridges– including the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, a state-of-the-art span that accommodates the largest ships in the world
  • Dolphins skimming the surface of the water and pelicans diving for food

Charleston Harbor Tour and City Bus Tour

If time allows and your field trip is looking for a full or half-day agenda,  many groups like to pair the Harbor Tour with a City Bus Tour, to get a more in-depth look at the historic city of Charleston.

The 90-minute Bus Tour might be the best way to get introduced to the Holy City. Our professional and knowledgeable guides will share 350 years of Charleston history with you while you cruise through the city’s historic district in cool, air-conditioned comfort.

Students will get to learn about and enjoy the following on the historic bus tour:

  • Select stories from over 350 years of Charleston history
  • The beautiful and historic architecture throughout the district
  • The Citadel, the south’s most famous military academy
  • Old City Market, lovely gardens, wrought iron art
  • Many of the city’s 210 churches

Charleston Harbor Tour and Boone Hall Plantation Tour

Another popular and full-day field trip is a combination of the Harbor Tour with the Boone Hall Plantation Tour. These two tours provide a close-up look at two very different sides of Charleston’s history.

The Boone Hall Plantation Tour is touted as America’s most photographed plantation and a “must-see stop on any trip to Charleston.” Highlights of the Boone Hall Plantation Tour include:

  • Historic brick slave cabins, a smokehouse, and a cotton gin
  • A butterfly garden featuring antique roses, camellias, and other native South Carolina plants
  • The stunning “Avenue of the Oaks” that lead up to the plantation, which is featured in the movie, “The Notebook,” and was the sight of the 2012 wedding of actors Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

Charleston Harbor Tour and the South Carolina Aquarium

Another full-day field trip that is hugely popular is combing a Harbor Tour with a trip to the legendary South Carolina Aquarium. The Aquarium is a captivating journey from the mountains to the sea featuring 60 unique habitats, including our 385,000-gallon Great Ocean Tank, the deepest tank in North America.

Students will be delighted and fascinated by more than 10,000 plants and animals including North American river otters, loggerhead sea turtles, alligators, great blue herons, owls, lined seahorses, jellyfish, pufferfish, and many, many more.

Charleston Harbor Tours is Your Home for School Field Trips

As we said off the top, the 2019-2020 school year is upon us. Field trips have always been a unique and positive way to get students engaged and interested in subjects. Charleston is a city steeped in history and Charleston Harbor Tours provides a close-up and in-depth look many of the historical places that make Charleston such an incredible city.

For more information on specific tours that are popular and ideal for school field trips, see us at charlestonharbortours.com.