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I Bought a Bus!

To be specific, a Sprinter Minibus, configured for thirteen passengers. The actual process merits a full post, but for now, here’s a pic, so it’s clear that we’re not talking about a big fancy coach or retrofitted school bus. I’m going for comfortable, nimble, and efficient. So far, I’m really pleased. Any thoughts/suggestions for graphics/wraps?

3 thoughts on “I Bought a Bus!

    1. Looking into it! Probably not going to be in the offerings during the first few months, but in the meantime I will point our Savannah-bound passengers to https://catbike.bcycle.com, which is a special project by the local transportation authority. Hoping Charleston will get its own bikeshare soon!

  1. Have you considered going to Columbia instead of Savannah? The two cities have much more interaction than Savannah and Charleston. You might be able to supplement your passenger revenue with parcel delivery between Charleston and Columbia.
    Also, is there a luggage compartment?

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